Measure Your Organization's Resilience Capabilities & Behaviors

The Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment Tool is a voluntary capability and behavior-based rating system designed for organizations to evaluate their progress against a set of standardized objectives and evaluation measures present in more resilient organizations. Ratings are awarded on a total cumulative score of points achieved.

The flexibility of the capability and behavior-based system allows organizations to select the objectives and strategies they feel are most important and relevant to their organization to focus on for improvement.

The Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment Tool Rating System supports three levels of recognition:

  1. ORCA 1-Star Organization. Recognized for Merit.
  2. ORCA 2-Star Organization. Recognized for Leadership.
  3. ORCA 3-Star Organization. Recognized for Excellence.

Gain Global Recognition

As the global leader in organizational resilience, ICOR recognizes organizations that have completed the Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment.

Gain international recognition by submitting your results to ICOR for a formal rating score based on your capability and behavior scores. ICOR recognition is awarded to those organizations that complete the assessment and share their assessment scores via submitting an online report.

Each organization will receive an official logo and certificate valid for 3 years from the time of the award.

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Conduct an Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment

Capability Assessment Information

The ICOR Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment Tool is an online interactive tool meant to be used by organizations to measure to what extent they demonstrate the capabilities and behaviors present in more resilient organizations.

The outcome of the assessment is a measure of an organization’s strengths and weakness that can be used to increase the resilience of the organization by providing specific Strategies, Capabilities, and Behaviors for improvement.

Each Strategy and Capability is documented as an outcome statement that should be used as a reference against which to score the organization's alignment.

Assessment Procedures

Each assessment procedure consists of an assessment objective and a set of potential assessment methods and proofs that can be used to conduct the assessment.

Each assessment objective includes a score and a determination statement related to the ORCA capability that is the subject of the assessment. This statement can be documented in the “Assessor Comments” section.

The assessment methods define the nature and the extent of the assessor’s actions. The methods may include the review of documents, survey results, and interviews either individual or in groups conducted in workshops.

The assessment uses 2 scoring methods: Capability and Behavior

Assessment Tools Included

Capability Assessment Guidelines

Each Toolkit includes the following tools:

  1. Guidelines for Usage (Click to Download). Includes examples of potential assessment methods proofs for each capability. List of Documents to Review. Survey Questions
  2. Survey. Link to Survey Monkey to distribute to survey recipients. List of Survey Questions to create your own online survey.
  3. Online Assessment Tool. Includes results by Dimension, Capability and Strategy. Presented in charts, graphs and as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet.

OR Capability Assessment Tutorial

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