2024 ICOR Road to Resilience Learning Series

webinarsICOR’s 2024 monthly webinars are focused on different aspects of the Road to Resilience. New this year! Participants have the opportunity to earn their Road to Resilience “Badge” by attending a minimum of 10 sessions of the learning series either live or on-demand.

ICOR Webinars are offered live and are available for 30 days to the public. After 30 days they are available On Demand for ICOR members. Not a member? Join ICOR today!

Each webinar is worth 1 continuing education hour. All webinars are scheduled for 12:00-1:00 PM CST / GMT 06:00 unless otherwise noted. Attendees who attend for a minimum of 35 minutes receive a certificate of attendance for 1 Hour / .1 CEU.

May 22, 2024 - Are You Enjoying Your Resilience Journey?
Is your organization’s culture a source of risk or a strength on this journey?

An organization’s culture governs how management, employees and stakeholders behave, act, and perform their jobs. Culture is often expressed in members’ self-image, inner workings, and future expectations.

It’s how individuals identify themselves with an organization. It illustrates how a team can work towards achieving desired goals. Culture is what enables a competitive advantage to sustain and grow over time – or what derails it.

Attend this session to gain an understanding of what is required to ensure you have a culture that can successfully manage during times of constant change and uncertainty. We will help you answer the question, “What is my role in strengthening my organization’s culture?”

June 26, 2024 - How Do We Continue on the Journey When the Road is Under Construction?
Change happens. How do you manage during times of uncertainty?

More resilient organizations build both agile and flexible systems that enable them to respond faster to changing conditions, to improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. More resilient organizations are structured and designed for both high performance and managing change.

It allows those responsible for responding to and managing an incident to switch from one design to another if needed in order to work in a more agile and flexible manner.

Attend this session to gain an understanding of the impact of your organization’s structure and design and how to implement agile ways of working wherever possible. We will help you answer the question, “How can I operate in a more agile manner and successfully manage change?”

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July 31, 2024 - Do I Have the Energy to Continue on This Journey?
The resilience of your workforce impacts the organization’s ability to deliver on its resilience strategy and objectives.

More resilient organizations implement systems to increase workforce capacity to handle stress, increase engagement, and manage during times of continuous change. Resilient employees embody health on multiple levels. They avoid illness, maintain productivity and operate with mental toughness.

The relationship between resilience, stress, and competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, makes it imperative that leaders understand how to increase the resilience of their workforce. In a resilient workforce, continuous change ceases to be debilitating and becomes fuel for continuous performance improvement.

Attend this session to understand the importance of increasing the resilience of your employees. We will help you answer the questions, “Does our organization reward and recognize performance? Do we nurture and retain talent? Do we reduce stress and provide opportunities for learning?”

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August 28, 2024 - The Road We’re on is Very Risky! Are We Strong Enough to Continue the Journey?
Have we considered all the ways our journey can be disrupted?

Organization’s should identify and implement systems to anticipate, plan, and respond to recognized and emerging risks so that they individually and collectively contribute to the organization's purpose and the protection of what it values - eliminating siloes.

More resilient organizations ensure that its systems that manage risk are sufficiently robust and effective to respond to changes. They have the capability to consistently deliver on their commitments under changing circumstances and to adapt their operations to effectively manage risk.

Attend this session to understand how to increase preparedness and reduce risk. We will help you answer the question, “How can I ensure that I am reducing risk for my organization?

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September 26, 2024 - What Have We Learned So Far on our Journey?
We need to stop and smell the roses! Or at least share how things are going.

In more resilient organizations, knowledge and information is recognized as a critical resource of the organization. The organization values information, knowledge and learning. Learning from experience and from each other is encouraged.

They encourage the creation and sharing of lessons learned about success and failure and promote the adoption of better practice. They encourage their people to communicate their ideas both vertically and horizontally in the organization and to share knowledge and information in a timely manner to enable effective decision-making.

Attend this session to gain an understanding of how to promote a mindset of continuous learning. We will help you answer the question, “How can I foster and environment of open communication that provides opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge?”

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October 23, 2024 - Are We There Yet?
Measuring our performance - How are we doing?

Because building resilience must be intentional, measuring your capabilities is an essential part of the journey. It is also impossible to implement strategic objectives effectively without having the ability to measure your current state and where you need to strengthen those capabilities – or to determine what is and what is not working.

The organization should encourage and create a culture of continual improvement across all parts of the organization and commit to validate and continually improve its organizational resilience activities and capabilities.

Attend this session to gain an understanding of how to promote a mindset of continuous improvement by leveraging agile performance management. We will help you answer the question, “How can improve how we evaluate our performance?”

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November 20, 2024 - Is This Where We Want to Be?
Is our workplace flexible, productive, and meet employee needs for collaboration?

More and more organizations are adopting a flexible hybrid working model with a balance between office and remote work. This requires an understanding that while the roles can be virtual, certain activities are better done in person.

In an agile workplace, the organization understands how its people like to work, how often they need to interact with others, and how they do their best work. This understanding drives decision-making regarding where the work occurs.

Organizations should also consider the ability of the community(ies) where its facilities operate to meet its needs and expectations. The key questions that should be answered include, “To what extent does your community meet the needs of your organization? and, “Is your community able to provide necessary services?”

Attend this session to learn more about a flexible working model and inclusive collaboration as well as the importance of considering the resilience of the community where you work. We will help you answer the question, “How do we ensure we have the right people working on the right stuff in the right place?”

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