Path 2: Competency-based Path for ICOR Certifications

Required Competencies to be a Leader in Organizational Resilience
What do you need to know to increase the resilience of your organization?

The ICOR Organizational Resilience Competency Model identifies what it takes to be a Leader in Organizational Resilience—across the performance continuum; around the globe; and across all career levels, job roles and job functions.

ICOR has identified 25 core competencies that answer the question, “What do you need to know to increase the resilience of your organization?”

The Organizational Resilience Competency Model:

  • Defines the competencies and knowledge necessary for those designated to intentionally increase the resilience of organizations.
  • Supports OR practitioners in their career and professional development.
  • Helps organizations build approaches to identify and cultivate high-quality OR leaders, individual contributors, and teams.

Applicants must demonstrate competence in multiple competencies identified in the ICOR Competency Model. It is comprised of 5 Clusters. Each cluster is comprised of 5 Competency Areas. To become certified by ICOR in Organizational Resilience, you must demonstrate competence in a minimum of 15 competency areas.

ICOR Competency Model
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COR Brochure

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The Competency Model provides the foundation for talent management and helps organizations ensure that those hired to implement organizational resilience strategies are proficient in the behaviors and knowledge necessary to build more resilient organizations.

Certification Exams & Supporting Education
To verify obtainment of each competency, applicants are required to complete a 30-minute exam. There is one exam for each competency area. Exams are taken online and are in a short-answer format. Exams can be challenged without completing the education component.

To prepare for each exam and to learn about each competency, the learner can choose to complete a single short-course or register for multiple competencies or clusters. Learning options include instructor-led, elearning, and self-study course books. Learn More

Organizational Resilience Model

The Organizational Resilience Competency Model is derived from the Organizational Resilience Model that identifies the Strategies and Behaviors demonstrated by more resilient organizations.

Organizations that are developing and implementing strategies to increase their resilience need to ensure that these efforts are being led by those how have the knowledge and expertise to do so. Learn More

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