Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment Recognition

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The Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment Tool Rating System supports three levels of recognition:

  1. ORCA 1-Star Organization. Recognized for Merit.
  2. ORCA 2-Star Organization. Recognized for Leadership.
  3. ORCA 3-Star Organization. Recognized for Excellence.

As the global leader in organizational resilience, ICOR recognizes organizations that have completed the Organizational Resilience Capability Assessment.

Gain international recognition by submitting your results to ICOR for a formal rating score based on your capability and behavior scores. ICOR recognition is awarded to those organizations that complete the assessment and share their assessment scores via submitting an online report.

Each organization will receive an official logo and certificate valid for 3 years from the time of the award.

3 Star Organizations - Recognized for Excellence

Abu Dhabi Police GHQ - Awarded August 29, 2021

The Abu Dhabi Police GHQ is the first organization in the world to be recognized by ICOR in the formal recognition process.

Ministry of Justice - Awarded December 20, 2021

Ajman Municipality - Awarded October 25, 2022

2 Star Organizations - Recognized for Leadership

There are no companies that have earned the 2 star recognition.

1 Star Organizations - Recognized for Merit

There are no companies that have earned the 1 star recognition.

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