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  Legal, Audit, & Compliance

The Legal, Compliance and Audit discipline plays two roles in building a more resilient organization. First, it is a collection of best practices as determined by various industry groups, oversight organizations, and government agencies. Second, inspection procedures up to and including third-party audits are available to ensure alignment with the practices.

The focus of ICOR’s education and credentialing program in this discipline is on the audit practice including first, second, and third party audits.

LAC 2000/3000: Auditing Management Systems

eLearning or 1 day instructor-led course
*Management System Auditor Certificate

Audience: Those involved in the any of the management systems that include the audit requirement.

Description: Management system audits, whether first party, second party, or third party certification audits, are all conducted using the guidance of ISO 19011. This course teaches how to conduct an audit of any management system including:

  • Auditing principles
  • Establishing an audit program
  • Performing an audit
  • Identification of auditor competencies
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