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CMC 2050: Crisis Communication Planner

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Average rating: 4.56 / 5Total reviews: 9
5 Cyber Security Operations by fondevillapf
9/26/2019 7:31:41 PM

Pros: I do believe that the crisis communications framework can be very useful guide in the formulation and delivery approach of the key messages to all interested parties.

Cons: None.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for Andrew Lee who shared his expertise and experience on the subject.

5 CMC 2050 by aimeerabago
8/4/2019 12:15:04 AM

Pros: INSTRUCTOR/LECTURER - Andrew is an excellent instructor. His actual hands-on experiences on the topic made him a credible and sharp speaker/lecturer. The case studies presented were good, varied, and I was able to relate to them. The frameworks, thought process, and other timely & relevant information presented were very good as well. COURSE MATERIALS - The course book and activity book are very useful, insightful, timely, and relevant. They are also made nicely and are not flimsy. Overall, course materials are very informative. COURSE PARTICIPANT COMPOSITION - The participants of the course comprised of professionals from the mining, banking, travel & logistics, energy, water, telco, and other industries in the country. This made the discussions diverse and varied. It was a healthy and sound composition of participants that made the course interesting and made the learning expanded, flexible, and crucial. VENUE & FOOD - The venue and food were apt for the less than 20 participants.

Cons: It would have been better if the course was a 5-day training rather than just being 2 days so we could milk each topic and elaborate more on the questions of the course participant as well as the answers of the instructor.

Other Thoughts: Overall, I feel and firmly believe that the course is a must for Communications Professionals in any industry. It is very helpful, insightful, useful, informative, timely, relevant, and it will arm and equip communications professionals with sufficient knowledge in facing a crisis.

5 CMC 2050 by Texan
8/25/2017 7:53:10 PM

Pros: My team has wanted to improve our communications capability and this class more than met our needs. Loved the case study!

Cons: none

Other Thoughts: The tool for creating messages and evaluating how well the message was received was simple but very helpful.

4 Non-Communications Perspective by Lom223
5/31/2017 7:53:10 PM

Pros: Great class! As a non-communications person I now feel that I have the competence to draft communications that can be used during a crisis.

Cons: I took the class online with the instructor which was really good but would have liked the interaction with other students in a more traditional classroom.

Other Thoughts: Great instructor with lots of knowledge!

3 Validation of Instinct by Gameface
4/9/2017 4:21:08 PM

Pros: This course validated a lot of the things that should come instinctively to communicators, i.e. being honest and authentic and facing the consequences.

Cons: Two days is not enough, felt to compacted and rushed, maybe three to four days would be better.

Other Thoughts: It might help to do this by industry, i.e. for manufacturing, energy, finance, IT, etc etc.

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