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CMC 2050: Crisis Communication Planner

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Average rating: 4.43 / 5Total reviews: 7
5 CMC 2050 by Texan
8/25/2017 7:53:10 PM

Pros: My team has wanted to improve our communications capability and this class more than met our needs. Loved the case study!

Cons: none

Other Thoughts: The tool for creating messages and evaluating how well the message was received was simple but very helpful.

4 Non-Communications Perspective by Lom223
5/31/2017 7:53:10 PM

Pros: Great class! As a non-communications person I now feel that I have the competence to draft communications that can be used during a crisis.

Cons: I took the class online with the instructor which was really good but would have liked the interaction with other students in a more traditional classroom.

Other Thoughts: Great instructor with lots of knowledge!

3 Validation of Instinct by Gameface
4/9/2017 4:21:08 PM

Pros: This course validated a lot of the things that should come instinctively to communicators, i.e. being honest and authentic and facing the consequences.

Cons: Two days is not enough, felt to compacted and rushed, maybe three to four days would be better.

Other Thoughts: It might help to do this by industry, i.e. for manufacturing, energy, finance, IT, etc etc.

5 Hotel Communications by AliceJ
3/31/2017 3:01:45 PM

Pros: I loved this class and how much I learned how to write communications that are more likely to be effective and not to cause any new problems!

Cons: Could have lasted another day - great instructor!

Other Thoughts: Working for a hotel a crisis communications plan has not always been a top priority. But after taking this class I can see ways to implement improvements in our crisis management plan especially on the communications aspects.

5 CMC2050 by KC12
8/30/2016 5:19:52 AM

Pros: Our company has a comprehensive crisis management plan but was missing the communications component so this course exactly fit our needs for writing our own plan.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Our instructor was very knowledgeable and gave real life examples of how to communicate and how not to communicate!

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