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BCM 2000/3000: Implementing ISO 22301

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5 ICOR ISO 22301 Course by cabrera17jessica
6/3/2021 3:34:33 PM

Pros: The course was excellent, practically and informative. It was a really very good experience. I appreciate the oportunity of ICOR and OKA Project Project Management & Strategic Leadership.

Cons: I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it.

Other Thoughts: Webinars and excellent instructors!!!

5 BCMS 2000/3000 by jhoss
1/8/2021 10:24:43 AM

Pros: I had the unique opportunity to take an online class with Jim Nelson at ICOR. Jim's candor and teaching style are a significant asset to ICOR and myself. Being new to BC, he was able to distill the subject matter to make it relevant to me and the company I work for. I feel the class is very affordable when compared to others and the flexibility in schedule was nice. Thank you, Jim and Lynda, for all that you do. Your hard work and efforts are noticed and appreciated.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: If you are on the fence, don't be. ICOR is a solid institution with the end-user in mind. Their certification process is affordable and reasonable. The instructors are well-seasoned industry professionals that put your needs first.

5 Great cla**ess by kd5fex
7/17/2015 3:33:54 PM

Pros: The BCM cla**es have shed light on many new aspects. I now look at operations much differently and think about BCM everyday. It rattles your cage a bit, by reminding you of so many things that you know, but just have never put on paper and or tested.

Cons: none

Other Thoughts: I found that to stay on track with the ELearning, it was best to work at least one or two modules a day. The course is very good.

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