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  Organizational Behavior

The discipline of Organizational Behavior considers the interface between human behavior at a micro-level, the behavior of work groups at a meso-level, and the behavior of the organization at a macro-level.

The focus of the ICOR courses in the OB discipline is on the attributes of resilient organizations including attributes affecting culture, coordination of risk, sharing of information and knowledge, resource availability, understanding of internal and external environments, and being able to anticipate and manage change.

Also included is the need to understand both the role of the organization in the communities in which it resides as well as the overall resilience of those communities and the impact of the community on the organization’s resilience.

Certified Organizational Resilience

Manager, Professional & Executive

CORM: 3 day class, Clusters 1-3 eLearning/self-study=15 competency areas

Instructor Led and Blended Learning
$1,795.00 (USD)

CORP: 4 day class, Clusters 1-4 eLearning/self-study=20 competency areas

Instructor Led and Blended Learning
$2,195.00 (USD)

CORE: 5 day class, Clusters 1-5 eLearning/self-study=25 competency areas

Instructor Led and Blended Learning
$2,495.00 (USD)

You can purchase any combination of Clusters and Competencies for eLearning access.
Each Cluster is $600.00 and each Competency is $125.00.
Exam fee is included in the course fee for eLearning and Instructor Led courses.

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Self Study Course Books

You can purchase any combination of Clusters and Competencies for Self Study access.
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The certification courses cover the 12 disciplines / competency areas identified in the ICOR Competency Model listed below that build more resilient organizations.

COR Brochure

Audience: Intended for those responsible for increasing the resilience of the organization and for managing risk throughout the organization in one or more of the 12 organizational resilience disciplines. This course provides you with the knowledge of how to build a more resilient organization and an understanding of the contribution of each discipline.

Certification: ICOR’s organizational resilience certification program provides a formal route to achieve international recognition and status through the accreditation of your competence in the 12 organizational resilience disciplines. Achieve certification by attending a certification class at the level of your choice and challenging the certification exam. Click for brochure.

Exam: Each competency area has one 30-minute online exam. Certification is awarded by successfully completing each competency exam.

Organizational Resilience Certification Competency Areas

Introduction to Organizational Resilience is a required course. All other competency areas can be chosen as of interest via clusters or separately.

Cluster 1: Organizational Behavior
COR.1 Leadership Qualities for Resilient Organizations
COR.2 Culture & Its Impact on an Organization’s Resilience
COR.3 Knowledge Management
COR.4 Agile Change Management
COR.5 Agile Project Management
Cluster 2: Organizational Infrastructure
COR.6 Structure & Design
COR.7 The Agile Workplace
COR.8 Facility Management
COR.9 The Resilient Workforce
COR.10 Financial Health & Viability
Cluster 3: Preparedness & Managing Risk
COR.11 Risk Management Principles & Practices
COR.12 Incident Response Structure
COR.13 Crisis Management & Communications
COR.14 Business Continuity Management
COR.15 Supply Chain Resilience
Cluster 4: Technology Infrastructure
COR.16 Critical Environments
COR.17 Information & Communication Technology Continuity
COR.18 Storage and Availability Systems
COR.19 Information & Cyber Security Compliance
COR.20 Information & Cyber Security Systems
Cluster 5: Continual Improvement
COR.21 Exercising & Testing
COR.22 Performance Evaluation
COR.23 Auditing
COR.24 Regulatory, Legal, & Compliance
COR.25 Community Resilience
OR 4000: The Impact of National Cultures on Resilience Programs
OR 4000 Brochure

2 week live eLearning course or self-study eLearning

Audience: This course is a must for any professional who works in any of the disciplines that support a resilient organization. This specifically includes professionals responsible for ensuring resilience across international operations.

Description: The purpose of OR 4000, The Impact of National Cultures on Resilience Programs, is to provide students with the competence to observe and understand cultural differences they encounter in other countries, and to work effectively within other cultures in designing and operating resilience and crisis management programs.

As the world becomes more global, businesses and emergency response agencies must learn how to cope effectively with the many cultural value systems and mannerisms encountered abroad. Understanding the values and traits that are characteristic of other cultures is especially important in resiliency and disaster response planning. Click for brochure

Live Elearning
$895.00 (USD)
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  • Issue a full refund
  • Applying credit to another ICOR offering.
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If the student does not attend as registered, no refund will be provided.

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