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  Crisis Management and Communications
Managing Threats to Strategy and Reputation

The Crisis Management & Communication Discipline addresses crises that are managed primarily by top management and at a strategic level of the organization.

ICOR’s courses in this discipline teach how to manage a crisis and how to communicate effectively.

CMC 2050: Crisis Communication Planner
CMC 2050 Brochure

2 day instructor-led course / Blended Learning
Disponible en Español

Audience: Those who work in public relations, communications, and those responsible for planning communications before, during, and after a crisis.

Description: Understanding the elements of communicating during a crisis or incident is an essential planning component for every organization.

This course provides valuable information on how to protect an organization's reputation, the role of the spokesperson(s), message development, how to write the communications plan, and includes a crisis communication plan template. Click for brochure

Instructor Led and Blended Learning
$1,495.00 (USD)
Self Study Course Books
$295.00 (USD)
Challenge the Exam - $395.00 (USD)  
CMC 5000: Crisis Management & Communication Professional
CMC 5000 Brochure

3 day instructor-led course / 8 course eLearning series
*CMCP Certification

Audience: Ideal for management responsible for leading their organization during a crisis, public sector personnel, professional communicators, and those in public affairs or public relations.

Description: Understanding the elements of crisis management and communications is crucial to adapting and responding appropriately when faced with managing an incident.

The Crisis Management and Communications professional course teaches useful strategies and techniques for analyzing situations and making difficult decisions with limited time, information, and resources while managing an incident and leading teams. Click for brochure

Instructor Led and Blended Learning
$2,495.00 (USD)
$2,495.00 (USD)
Self Study Course Books
$395.00 (USD)
Challenge the Exam - $395.00 (USD)  
Certified Organizational Resilience Series
Competency 13: Crisis Management & Communications
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2 hour eLearning course including a 30 minute online certificate exam.

Description: This course provides you with the knowledge of how to increase organizational resilience through crisis management strategies for effectively analyzing situations, making difficult decisions, and communicating to all relevant parties.

Audience: Intended for those responsible increasing for the resilience of the organization and for managing crises.


  1. Crisis management & communication plans and procedures
  2. Forecasting change and crisis readiness
  3. Crisis communications strategies
  4. Managing reputation
  5. Crisis management leadership & teams
  6. Managing team conflict

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Elearning $125.00 (USD)

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